The partner for innovative enterpreneurs and visionaries

Ortie Capital Investment S.A. is a private equity and venture capital fund. The core activity of the fund are investments in companies and partnerships in an early stage of development (seed stage) and in their initial stage of operation (start-up).
We make small investments in enterprises which are still at their formation stage, when financial and management support are equally necessary. It allows us to become a partner who speeds up development of the company and respects the independence of its present owners and originators as far as project implementation is concerned. 
  • Ortie invests into businesses in the following fields:
  • medical services,
  • production of medical equipment,
  • health protection,
  • pharmaceutics,
  • sport and recreation,
  • logistics,
  • financial services.
The value of the portfolio is increased by providing financial means necessary for project's development, as well as business and trade support. Investments made by Ortie Capital Investment S.A. in new projects vary from PLN 300,000 to 3,000,000 for the average term of up to 3 years.