Our investments

Our current investments:

Nettle is an operator of outsourcing services for companies from the pharmaceutical sector. It specializes in the management of receivables, offering a range of financial products, and assists in the sales activities of its customers.

In 2014, together with two partners, the company initiated and implemented Poland's first full direct distribution service (DTP) for a large international pharmaceutical company. As part of DTP, the company offers manufacturers of pharmaceuticals a whole range of services - from the organization of the sales process (including call center, preparation of tenders, a dedicated billing centre) to financing receivables and accounting for all operations.

Within the framework of its activities, Nettle has financed more than 2,100 contracts for an amount exceeding PLN 600 million, and manages 10 thousand portfolios of recipients on an ongoing basis (including nearly 600 hospitals). Until 2014, the company supported the receivables of pharmaceutical companies for the amount of PLN 2.4 million.

In 2015, Nettle exceeded the threshold of 2 billion 400 million PLN of receivables managed solely in the health care sector.

By funding medical equipment, Nettle also helps in implementing new technologies in hospitals.

In 2014, Nettle was announced a finalist of one of the most prestigious business competitions in Europe – EUROPEAN BUSINESS AWARDS, winning the title of National Champion.

Asclepios is a pharmaceutical wholesaler, existing since 1995. After the acquisition of the company by the Investment Fund Ortie in 2008, Asclepios became a nationwide wholesaler with a modern organizational and management structure. The core of the company is the commercial departments. Other services were entrusted to external partners.

Asclepios currently works with most hospitals in Poland. The company's partners are the largest suppliers to the medical market, so the company can offer all pharmaceuticals for inpatient care available in Poland. It also conducts independent import of hospital drugs.

In 2014, Asclepios reached a turnover of almost PLN 300 million, and joined up to 1700 tender proceedings.

Asclepios has won many prestigious national awards - several times the Business Gazele and Forbes Diamonds.

The company RBO provides a wide range of IT and telecommunications services. It addresses its offer to companies operating in various industries. It provides them with the most advanced solutions for improving work in the enterprise, thus increasing competitiveness on the market.

RBO's offer also includes traditional IT services, such as configuration, installation and administration of computer hardware, or equipment rental, as well as innovative solutions, among which VoIP telecommunications deserves attention or author applications designed for enterprises from different industries. Customers can choose from a wide range of services that suit their needs most. The right IT facilities allow every company, regardless of its profile, to streamline business processes, while making significant savings.

RBO is a recipient of numerous awards and distinctions, among others: Best Quality 2015, Computerworld TOP200, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2014.

In 2014, in response to market needs, Ortie launched the company Optimed, dedicated to the promotion of pharmaceutical products and providing representative services for manufacturers of drugs.

The activities of Optimed complement the offer of ORTIE's other portfolio companies addressed at pharmaceutical companies, both those entering the Polish health care market, as well as those determined to change the distribution system.


Investments implemented:

Logistics company Poltraf - specialized in the organization and operation of direct distribution of products from the pharmaceutical industry and related industries, operating on the hospital or pharmaceutical market. The activities of the company have been divided into three basic groups:

  1. Comprehensive support of the sales of products from the pharmaceutical sector
  2. Nationwide distribution of medicinal products, dressing products and medical goods
  3. Storage and consignment of medicinal and dressing products

On a daily basis, Poltraf works with over 180 manufacturers and distributors of medicinal products, medical goods, dressing products, dietary supplements and cosmetics. It executes more than 76 000 deliveries per month. The company is located in Błonie near Warsaw, where one of the three consignment warehouses is located.

In March 2015, a sales contract of Poltraf's shares was finalized.  The buyer of 100% of the shares is the international logistics company UPS from Atlanta, USA.